finaste jag hört på länge.



some really cool new yorkers rocking their streetstyle.

pictures taken from the group humans of new york on facebook.

seen at lincoln center


seen at lincoln center.


an easy way to brighten up a photo is to wait for a cab to pass by.


the endangered homocornia glamoralis spotted in midtown.


also seen at lincoln center.


and this.


i’m the sultan of wisconsin.


i run a website to help people who have recently been diagnosed with HIV.


garth vader humiliates his father by shunning the throne and pursuing a fashion career.


the claw.


they’re normal levi’s. i just washed them for 30 years and sewed an $8 boa onto them.


she’ll grow in to it.





seen in east village.



seen at the west indian day parade.




judging by his face, he most likely just inked an 8-figure record deal.


everyone should save their brightest colors for the grayest days.