words from 2pac.


how about you ‘judge yourself before you start judging others’? they say god is the only one to judge me.



intressant artikel. undrar om inte det här gäller finland också i viss mån..

”I lived in several European countries and that gave me a good knowledge that makes me able to compare racism and discrimination in these countries. Unfortunately I don´t know much about racism in Denmark but I can speak about Sweden.
Sweden is the most racist and cynical European country. A humane country on the books given the numbers of refugees Sweden has taken in but one has to consider the interests behind any Swedish action for what Sweden gives with one hand it takes away with the other. They do not let refugees in because they are generous and nice guys.

Swedes are unable to accept others ”as equal”. Swedes are xenophobes who are completely convinced that their country is the best in the world.

Sweden is a country of racism and intolerance.

Swedes boast about giving free courses in Swedish to all immigrants when in reality they make people attend no ending courses (terrible didatics and pedagogy) to let them out of the job market. It´s a trap.

Swedes boast about their excellent health care system but they do not say that when their health care system fails it is usually with immigrants.

Some will say that Sweden has been pretty homogenous and that immigrants and other minorities are a recent phenomenon but it is not true. What about the assimilationist policies that Sami people and Finns have been suffering for more than one century?

The Swedish judicial system is openly racistic with 95% ethnic Swedes as judges and lawyers. Swedish policemen are 99% ethnic Swedes and they discriminate and persecute immigrants.

Coming back to Sweden from UK I was stricken by a photo of an immigrant with an arabic name saying ”Welcome to my city Stockholm”. How ridiculous! They need photos! In UK when you arrive at the airport you can see many immigrants or people with immigrant descent working in the airport, all kinds of people with strong foreign accents, women with muslim scarfs, sikhs with turbans working as immigration officers.

In Sweden they use ”photos” of immigrants because they have no immigrants working in the airport. Oh…sorry, I forgot. Of course they have immigrants at the airport, immigrant engineers and doctors that are unable to find a job in racist Sweden can at least drive taxis.

Sweden boasts about giving financial aid to refugees but what Swedes do is to give refugees a miserable income to live in segregated areas where there is nothing to do. These poor people are constantly humiliated by social service workers and suffer from depression.
Swedes have an exceptional intrinsic skill of ostracizing and alienating their immigrants, making them pariahs.
Swedes make them feel unworthy and guilty even though all they want is a job.

Swedish media has made it a rule to associate immigrants with problems.

Swedes would say ”The segregation in Sweden is not unique.” No, it is not but it is the most cynical! Swedes smile at you and stab you in the back.

And it is an illusion to think that Western Europeans are not discriminated in Sweden. The only criterium to be discriminated in Sweden is to be a ”non Swede”! If you are not one of them ”you are nothing”.

Even if you speak good Swedish (bra svenska) you have no chance in the racist job market. Swedes think they are superior and it doesn´t matter if you have education, skills or experience if these were gained outside Sweden. Even if you are a second, third generation of immigrant descent, Swedes will never consider you Swedish.

Other Swedes will say: ”You are most welcome to come and study in Sweden. We are one of the few nations that has no fee for foreign students who comes here to study.”
But Sweden needs qualified personal so it is just a question of interests. The irony is that these foreing students after graduating go on unemployed because of Swedish employers´ racism and discrimination.

In line with this it is not so strange that onward migration to a third country has grown popular not just among foreign students and workers residents in Sweden but also among those with immigrant descent that were born and raised in Sweden.

Sweden is the most racist country in Europe. The Swedish race purity department was only shut down in 1976. Sweden had important connections with nazists that placed their money in Swedish banks.

Sweden is the country of double moral, saying one thing, doing another thing.

Besides, as Swedes themselves say ” Sweden is boring, cold and dark”, that is why they drink so much and behave like pigs. A very very depressing place.

Immigrants in Sweden, shout out loud! Improve your English and tell the World how racist Swedes are. Tell people in your countries not to give jobs to Swedes, not to buy Swedish products, not to let Swedes in… They are a minority in the World, just 9 million arrogant racists that think they are the best…”


idag har jag gråtit och gråtit. de blir inge kibbutz för mej i år. de sade att jag kan ansöka på nytt nästa år. hoppas verkligen då jag får åka. bara de inte nu blir kärnvapenkrig mellan israel och iran. så vad ska jag göra nu då? hoppas hoppas hoppas verkligen att jag kan resa till costa rica till djurreservatet och hjälpa utrotningshotade djur och plantera upp ny skog. det får inte skita sej det också. studier och jobb får vänta ett tag. tänker utnyttja mina besparingar och uppfylla några drömmar före det. i ain’t giving up. yolo bitch.