”What are you writing?”
”It’s the result of a panic attack, that sort of turned into something else…”
”Can I see it?”

The NY skyline swirls around me,
Cars and brick and tree trunks
mashing together,
glass windows gnash jagged teeth
The body of a dead girl was
found earlier today,
bleeding out on the sidewalk.
Rising from her body came
an awkward boy,
stammering and confused
and full of wonder
and terror all at once
The boy’s grandparents keep
a photo of the boy in a 
dark chesnut wig,
all made up and dressed to the 9’s
(They believe her to still be alive)
Ladies and gentlemen and variations
thereupon, observe this paradox-
She lives, he dies, she dies, he lives;
yet they cohabitate side by side
in a singular trembling body. A body that
cannot contain them both, for the
world is not ready for such a 



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