some humans of new york.

”It was easier than I thought it’d be.”

Seen in Madison Square Park

Girl-in-black was explaining how much she enjoyed the fact that girl-in-white always wrote her handwritten notes. As she was explaining this, I noticed that girl-in-white’s eyes were lighting up. She turned to girl-in-black and said: ”Can you cover your ears for a second?”

Then she leaned toward me and whispered: ”She doesn’t know this yet, but it’s our anniversary this weekend, and I’ve just covered the entire house in sticky notes.”

Haters gonna hate.

”We’ve been married 31 years.”
”How’d you meet?”
”I saw her on a bus, put my watch in my pocket, sat down next to her, and asked her for the time.”

I took this photo just a few minutes ago. She was sitting outside of a bar. As I photographed her, she kept inhaling deeply, then exhaling slowly. ”Man,” I thought, ”I’m really annoying this girl.” Until…

”What was the saddest moment of your life?”
”Right now.”
”What happened?”
”The person I love wants to take a break. He’s still inside.”

”I’m an artist.”
”Any advice for someone who wants to be an artist?”
”You either need to be extremely talented or have rich parents.”

Today in epic African formalwear.

”What’s the most that bird’s ever surprised you?”
”I took him to Long Beach one day. He started jumping up and down, flapping his wings, and saying: ‘It’s water! It’s water!”

”Society undervalues creativity. Many people think creativity just means decorating your room well, or choosing the right colors for your clothes. In reality, creativity is what underlies all change. Without creativity, the world would be stagnant.”




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