do you want to wake up?

Do You Want to Wake Up?

May 25, 2013 by 

A very interesting trend has been getting clearer to me recently, and I just thought I would share it with anyone who is interested. Almost all of us have spiritual “teachers,” or “guides” of some sort, and usually we look to them with a sense of enviousness. Not enviousness in the sense that we resent them, but enviousness in the sense that we want to be where they are, to see with their clarity. I know I have experienced this feeling. Whether it has been wanting to be as free from ego asEckhart Tolle, as solidly “in the vortex,” as Abraham-Hicks, as knowledgeable about Sacred Geometry as Drunvalo Melchizedek, et cetera. Very often we look to these people with a sense of despair, with the belief that we will never be as enlightened as they are. I think this is the case for almost all of us- we have concocted some reason or another as to why we can never be as awakened as they are.

Well Eckhart had a fluke incident where he crashed his ego, and that’s not going to happen to me.”

Abraham is some kind of higher-level spiritual being, I cannot reasonably expect to be in the state of perfect alignment with source that he/it is.”

Neal Donald Walsh had an actual conversation with God. I mean, come on- how can I compete with that??

Sometimes our reasons are very convincing. It certainly sounds like a long shot to be visited in our bedroom by the Egyptian Scribe-God Thoth, as Drunvalo was (some people may not believe this specific example, but just insert whatever unique spiritual experience you wish here), however I’m reminded poignantly of one of Einstein’s best quotes:

You cannot solve a problem on the same level on consciousness that created it.”

The logical attempts we make to convince ourselves that such experiences are an impossibility come from a lower level of consciousness than the experiences themselves. In other words, that line of thinking is never going to take us where we want to go. This is what leads to the trend I have been noticing so prominently recently: until you decide you are ready for these experiences, they remain hidden right under your nose.

The most awake, most conscious spiritual teachers of our time are completely passed over by the masses, just as Jesus was, just as the Buddha was, just as all them have been in their time. But it’s not because they’re hiding. Bashar, an amazing teacher with tremendous insight, does an event just about every month where anyone in the world can come and ask him questions and listen to what he has to say. A ton of his video can be found for free on youtube as well. This amazing intelligence is sitting there right under our noses, offering assistance in any way he can, and while a small demographic is benefiting tremendously from listening to him, almost everyone else says “oh yeah right, an extra-terrestrial communicating across time and space through some Joe Shmoe? I doubt it.” Suit yourself, I guess :)

I see it from both sides in my own experience. As soon as I decide I want to see more clearly, I come across a book, or a person, or an experience that shows me something new. Every time. Zero exceptions. If you truly wish to see, your eyes will be opened. If you spend all your energy convincing yourself that clarity isn’t possible, then you won’t experience it. This universe is so simple its mind-bending.

By the same token, I talk with people all the time who are operating from the same dense, limiting belief systems that I used to operate from.

  • Thinking that God is a separate entity judging you, or using the institutions of science as a religion,
  • Believing that you are the thinking voice in your head,
  • Believing that humans are fundamentally flawed creatures, and that disease, poverty, war, and greed are inherent, unchangeable aspect of our world…

I can’t even imagine going back to that kind of density. But do people who are operating from that state want to see from a lighter, clearer perspective? Do they want to see that they are all consciousness, that we all have telepathic capacity, that a world of universal abundance, peace, love and happiness is not only possible but our most natural state? Helllllllllllll no. They will fight you tooth and nail if you try to tell them that. Why? Because they wish to remain in that density a while longer. They are in some way growing as a soul from that experience. So there’s no need to rush them. As soon as they decide they would rather lighten up, they will! All the resources and teachers and experiences in the world are waiting for them, and for you, and for me, as soon as we feel that we have experienced this density long enough.

Do you want to experience clarity about who and what you are, or would you rather focus on climbing the corporate ladder?

Do you want to feel oneness with the universe, or would you rather work on mastering some academic discipline?

Do you want to be enlightened, or do you want to party?

Of course, none of these things are mutually exclusive, but these comparisons can help hi-light what we have really prioritized.

Do you want to wake up? If so, you will :)



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