Topics in the Field – The Field of Manipulation.

Man has become so accustomed to manipulating their occurrences and experiences within their reality that they have managed to lose sight of any awareness that there is no need for any manipulation.

Attempting to bend the will of others, in order to satisfy one’s own agenda, leads to a life of separation and powerlessness. Separation is created because NO ONE wants to be manipulated and powerlessness is most often reached due to the negative emotions that surround any form of manipulation. Everybody is born unique and everybody has free will in which to use that uniqueness. This allows one to make choices from a unique vantage point, one that no other has.

Manipulation is often practiced when one believes that the outcomes THEY desire are dependent on others behaving a certain way. This results in interdependency in co-creative relationships being formed and one often begins to navigate toward hidden agendas.
Agendas are typically hidden because the one manipulating feels that they cannot simply ask for what they desire with any expectation of receiving what they want. They feel they must navigate the other toward providing what they want to them to give. This entanglement WE speak of leads, without doubt, to some emotional reaction. One must remember that reaction need not be acted out in the physical, it can also be vibrational. The emotions within the one being manipulated and the one manipulating are equally affected.

Negative reactions in will always direct one toward more situations that are negative, more negative emotions, and will ultimately lead to MORE attractions needing to be manipulated.

If one is well practiced in reacting, one will be accustomed to reacting without giving the ‘why’ much thought. The thoughts regarding an alternative response to a situation is not readily available to one who has been automatically reacting for a period of time. There is no contemplation in the past response, so that negative reactionary vibration is now powerful and readily available. A simple trigger, even a hint or perceived manipulation will, with great speed and ease, call forth all the previous reactions played out.

When one begins to understand that reaction merely a habit, a methodology that has been adopted as “the way it is”, one will begin to explore the wisdom that lies in their past. They will see the relationship they have created to this methodology and their acceptance of it, but especially how they have interacted as both the manipulator and the manipulated.
When it is understood that no one should question their own uniqueness, and that one should never judge others, then a new methodology of ALLOWING can replace the destructive methodology of reacting or manipulating.

Reaction leads to entanglement and ALL entanglement only brings one closer to the entanglement they believe they do not want.

Contemplative thought is a way into a relationship or subject, considered with both negative and positive choices. Reaction is not problem solving toward resolution. Usually, it is attempting to manipulate an outcome by way of using one’s ability in the gift of the physical realm.
Manipulation of another’s free will can be traced throughout history and is ripe with evidence of the destructive trail of beliefs that were left behind. One of those beliefs being that RESPECT ought to be given to those who have more. Another being that one’s worth is gauged by one’s status or ranking in the form of a hierarchy.

Where do you think uniqueness goes when one is manipulated into position? One is sure to lose their sense of self in that process. Residually, when one loses sight of self and that unique perspective it possesses, then self ceases to actually be self. Allowing oneself to be manipulated continuously is a RESIGNATION to the ideas of others, and others’ opinions of what is good and beneficial for oneself.

It FEELS GOOD when another LOOKS at one in admiration and appreciation for whom they really are. It FEELS BAD when one is rejected by another’s opinion with regard to self.

SELF, in truth, does not desire to dwell in less than that which they see themselves.

Therefore, WE would ask you this. “Why do YOU think self spends SO MUCH TIME looking at what others think, resigning ones free will to another?”

The answer to that for US is this, “Self believes that OTHERS have a say and power over them; the belief is what perpetuates the NEED to seek APPROVAL from others.”

Just as one possesses UNIQUENESS and FREE WILL, one has ACCOUNTABILITY to SELF that requires a methodology of ALLOWING. It is freeing one to create from their uniqueness, just as every other unique soul has a right to create from their own unique vantage point and free will.

Manipulation leads to powerlessness. Allowing leads to FREEDOM for all. The shift will occur when the enlightened habit of ALLOWING becomes more prevalent that the destructive habit of REACTION. WE will all see the EVIDENCE of HARMONY in the world.


Written by Paul Smit, Edited by Lisa Villa Prosen
© 2012 All Rights Reserved
The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Works, Inc.




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