THE ‘OTHER SIDE’ OF SANDY NOT SEEN ON TV OR IN NEWSPAPERS. Sandy also struck CUBA, HAITI AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Images that you will not see in the newspapers or on TV. There are now many more homeless people in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic suffering from the ravages of hurricane Sandy passing through their respective nations, prior to the hurricane also pummeling the east coast of the United States. In solidarity with all people, in light of the loss of their homes and loved ones, we must also speak out for them. Pain and suffering does not care about borders and true compassion has no flag to wave. Our hearts are with all who are impacted by this international tragedy. Please become more informed and support the efforts of groups attempting to help lives everywhere, who know no borders. Image of Orlando Barria (EFE) in the La Barquita, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 26, 2012.



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