Redefining Refuges.

♥ No One Can Do Everything But EVERYONE Can Do Something♥

ANYTHING Helps! Thank you ♥
<< Link To Donate Toward Trafficked Girls Homes Expenses.

– posted by Redefining Refuges, on Facebook


Everyone says they wish they could do something to make a difference in the world….

Here’s a simple way to make that difference right now. I know this organization and they are indeed legitimate, helping lead the way in an issue that NEEDS to be addressed NOW. Of course our so called ”leaders” are too busy spending millions and millions of dollars on their rock star campaign elections and so long as this remains a ”hidden” issue they will not address it but like the post says why wait for our so called leaders? As Gandhi said ”When the people lead the leaders will follow.”

If you can’t help them out with a small donation to get the children a home at least help spread awareness and pass this around. We are all part of the same family, the HUMAN family and as such are in this journey called life TOGETHER.

Much Love to Redefining Refuge, Thank you so much for being the change you wish to see in the world!


– posted by Choice and Truth on Facebook



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