now moment.

You live in a very diverse world with so many intentions playing out within the NOW MOMENT.

This contrast you call reality is full of people, places and things that ARE IN ALIGNMENT with who you are AND all those things that are NOT IN ALIGNMENT with your thoughts, intentions or desires.

The sum of all you want with the sum of all you do not want exists with-in the contrast of life.

MOST living life NOW are focused predominantly on the sum of all they do not want, successfully attracting more of the unwanted stuff for them experience and not want again.

As long as somebody if giving focused attention to those things that displease them and keep their attention predominantly focused on those things, then that reality, the one being looked at is EXTENDED, meaning more of those types of things are constantly seeping into the NOW MOMENT to BE EXPERIENCED.

One’s focused attention to a subject is what CALLS the subject TO ONE to experience. This is evidenced everywhere if you carefully observe the contrast around you. You will see that where ones attention goes then that is the essence of what they live out in their reality regarding people, places and things.

If you are and have been focused on negative occurrences within your contrast then you will with out a doubt be LIVING the very essence of that focus.

This contrast/reality causes you to give attention to it, yet it NEVER TELLS YOU where to place your attention, for that is your freedom as to what you will give your focus.

By focusing on all there is to appreciate and have gratitude for or by looking into the contrast of life to see what is with-in it that INSPIRES you, you will be CALLING to you MORE of that point of focus.

The contrast of life is not there for you to disagree with, it is there to offer you inspiration towards your desiring of wanting an experience.

It is the same as when you fall in love with somebody and you focus your attention on that person, calling the love to you, to be desired by you, by way of showing your dedicated focused attention.

When you were a child, you used to cover your eyes as NOT to look at something that displeased you; you knew to look away from the things that were out of alignment and you KNEW that by focusing your attention on what you preferred that you would be drawn towards ”the preference” by the inspiration of the positive expectation to experience the very thing you have your sights set on.

Be mindful of where your attention STAYS as that is always your calling and will always be evidenced in your reality, your contrast within your experience of living, your life. ”One”

© 2012 All Rights Reserved
The Hive Publications, ONE Legacy Works, Inc



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